Thoughtful Rays

All etiquette tips beat up fades
When your heart’s control your mind
And you’re thought change into rays
Unequivocal response of chase
Life is like race….
Magic of grace always wants to makes your stakes…

But it is…
the mercy of thunder
colours in the blunder,
the way of life
Seeking on a hike..
the Beautiful ray
Fond up my way

Preksha Dixit 🌸


All i did just exist
As I colliding day-to-day
Colliding stardusk makes my way

From 13.8 billion years
The light shift, tickling the light, within spume of time.
Pinwheel galaxy that mimics the universe…
Takes me away
I’m such a eternity of milky way

Held my dreams on Black hole.
Shutter down in the dope,
I sieve particles & radiation
Like big bang theory and cosmological illusion,

Our envelope chaos floated on atmosphere,
Like gravitational force everywhere…

Night vision exploring the Infrared tight
High elevision on my mind… Absorbed slightly photon’s light

Would we able how’s & why’s
The DARK ENERGY sonnet my sight

Beyond the beyond
EXOPLANET tantalize
Crossing my mind vision of voyage

The little universe is in me,
As I colliding day-to-day
Colliding stardusk on my way

Preksha dixit 🌸

PLUVIOPHILE- the peace of my mind

Sometimes things change
It’s hard to explain,
Has got my thoughts on hold
Drag the drop closer even more,

Encouraging chaos bordering insane
Heaven only knows
and be a traveler, long I stood

O, soo much beauteous seem
Lost raindropps in the, archaic stir!
Uplifting rain to brighten your mood…..
And be traveler, long I stood.

Preksha Dixit 🌸


There is in God
Were all my loud, dark days
There was no Escape,
Inspired by God, saved by grace…

Diamond in the rough,
What a human who knows so well yet..

The product of my environment
Skeptical and wired,
Sluggish tragedies already written..
To survive, win or lose,
I vow to leave this spectacle behind.

Terror on we Heart it
With…sluggish bloom of light.

Preksha Dixit 🌸


I can see
Every colour
On this black paper
Which has a void in between

this sight gives birth to
A new different colour
And all the things I cannot see
I inhale again
And wish this black paper
Will paint the colour of rain.

Are these words enough?
Or I should put my verbosity
To describe each colour
My eyes can see
On this black paper
Which has a void in between.

Preksha Dixit 🌸