The empathy. Observe ,don’t absorb your state of consciousness you seek to unify embarance the unknown dignify let your life signify

Imprinting from existence within you there is a stillness take a movement to look around cleansing your aura stagnant energy wring your wound

The tempted to react imprinting from existence as you want To prisoner of the past Or pioneer of the future Is that Empathy observe ,don’t Absorb

Preksha Dixit 🌸

Season of our spring

We are astrologers
Of bodies and mind
Searching for truths
In each other’s stars

We visited old markets
Selling ancient glories
For ozymandian dreams
We’d dress up in furs
And eating spiced olives
Until we’d stumbled to our beds…
This was our life
Everything that mattered
Everything that
Would ever matter
And we live each day
As a season of our spring

Preksha Dixit 🌸

Uniting our souls

We fall in alignment
Wishing under shooting star
One; two, there – fifteen
Each one burning bright
Recalling our reticent aspiration

Energy collides
In the some under dark night sky
Decades manifesting this cosmic connection
Singing our melody uniting our souls.

Preserved anguish of some trails
Tainting perspectives, leaving memories in
Galaxies of the past
The universe has spoken
We find ourselves
We, our earth
We, our moon

Preksha Dixit 🌸

Illusion of dreams

Looks soo beautiful
And colorfull
Ecstasy evoke emotion out in the air
Illusion glows In the darker time
It’s fly high if you make a try

Every drwan struggle
Gloomy and defeatist
Binds it self around
Self pollinate
Beyond the virtual Avarice
Deep inside optism
Your dream is not a mirage
It’s a oasis you will find
At the end of your path

Preksha Dixit 🌸


The wind seemed to hug her
Darkness seemed to soothe her,
As the sunrise takes place
Her thoughts free as a word
Visit where her soul find
Limit less bliss,

A garden of roses & bed of thron
Our lantern of gone

How much she loves sky & clouds
She is the lone originality in the
Crowd of piarcy…

Memory was grivy and mind was wet
Words were making intrigued, a net

Her hope like a butterflies
It makes you smile
She away from everything
She leaves her traces in her dream

May be it’s fear of
Keeps her from the strain
For letting go to the rain

May be it’s fear of
Pilled up emotions
Pins her down
Does not let her
Stay on her freemindset
To take blame in lion’s share,
She knew fault was not there

Preksha Dixit 🌸

Strumming Dreamer

Listen to this in care
I may try how, can’t tell what’s there!
Let’s preserve happiness into our soul..
We can’t let any evil reach us
Let the warder protect and preach us!

Strangely new are the blends and accords
I’m strangled with colourful skies!
My eyes flicker in beats of passion,
I’m told to sing like priest of emotions!
I attain real wealth on that day…

Let the epic if colourful surface and mischievous thoughts
The desire are far more vast … The quotes are petty

Preksha Dixit 🌸

I am

I am

I’m thousand winds that blow
I’m diamond glints on snow
I am the autumn rainn…
Of quiet birds in circling flight
I’m the soft star shines at night

I imagine my thoughts with my voice
Soo I can face life with segments of choice.

The segment of contiment peace and joy
Grip on me
I move out side from me
My light
How bright
Can ever keep me apart

Preksha Dixit 🌸

Those tiny rainbows🌈

Tiny rainbow
Quivering on the floor
Some collide
Some merge
A grill- less window to let the rain-winds in …
Settle the storm in me,
I devour in positivity
Wrapped me in caged of curiosity,

To sync with the bare of reality
It is that me….
Or parallel universe completes
A verse of similarity,

Did I tell you the grave tale out of me?

Preksha Dixit 🌸


I search for who was I
The existence in everyone’s eye,
If not woven
More than, a Castle
A spark like star caressed,
Senses is on your way
Inexplicable like the way they

The world is softer glow
Suddenly I want to be so
Some ablaze ignited to graze,
To get my head around
Where treasure to engulfed sound,

Somewhere there is a place where I belong,
Where an ensemble play my favourite song

Preksha Dixit 🌸

Cliff Ahead

There are a lot of things that I wish I could have done in the beginning. That if I could bring back time, I would change the way I live so that I could perform better. But, there’s no time for regrets because what matters is that we learned from our mistakes.

Learn to socialize

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Learn to manage your time

Accept your bad days

Take risks